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The aim of this Chainsaw Training course is to demonstrate the servicing requirements, and correct operation of a wide range of chainsaws. Chainsaw Training aim is to create a chainsaw operator that can use and maintain chainsaws within industry, and live a healthy life with all their limbs.

Chainsaws are a huge factor in todays injury count for all outdoor related work injuries, with Kick-Back still being a major factor. The Chainsaw Safety and Operation course covers several cutting techniques -Up cuts or Bottom cuts, Top cuts or Down cuts, and Bore cut. All of these cuts start with the operator making the correct start, to ensure the risk of Kick-Back are minimised.

Chainsaw workshop covers unit standards:

  • 6916; Demostrate knowledge of the Approved Code of Practice relating to chainsaw use.
  • 6917; Operate a chainsaw

Elective Unit Standard:

  • 043; Maintain a chainsaw. This unit standard is designed for professional chainsaw users within forestery and arborist industries. This unit covers the overall knowledge of the cutting system, correct sharpening of the chain, and maintaining the "power head".
  • 23411; Deomonstrate basic chainsaw operation in a commercial forestry situation.

For any queries, or if your needs are more advanced, and you wish to focus more on specific areas, this must be brought up prior to the commencement of the course.

Murray is a registered FITEC trainer / assessor. Assessor Number 8308


1 to 2 days. Depends on experience of the chainsaw operators.