SOLO Chainsaws

Semi-professional / Medium range chainsaws

Semi-professional / Medium range chainsaw 656 18 inches
Semi-professional / Medium range chainsaw 652 18 inches

The SOLO 656 is one of the latest generation of SOLO power saws for professionals that visually reflect the most advanced materials. Well thought-out ergonomics, a small silhouette, high acceleration and effective SOLO anti-vibration dampers create the conditions for highly efficient working and less physical stress.


Semi-professional / Medium range chainsaws


Professional SOLO chainsaws

Professional chainsaw 665 20 inches
Professional chainsaw 675 24 inches
Professional chainsaw 681 28 inches

These powerful SOLO chainsaws for professionals are high performance units for extremely tough work. Their power plants are the latest development in engine technology. It is in strong stands or when working with hardwood that these units really prove their maximum worth. At the same time their comparatively low weight ensures truly comfortable work.


Professional chainsaws