About Inforest Training

Nationwide specialists in chainsaw trainingquad bike training,
tree felling training and more!

Inforest Training was brought about due to a lack of specialised trainers in the areas of practical skills  area  that required to work in the great outdoors.

Managing Director - Murray Raynel, after spending some 30 years contracting in the agriculture and forestry industry, spent some time in the world of the Polytechnics, and soon realised that Polytech's could not offer the flexibility and practical training that an independant training provider could offer. This was when Inforest Training was formed, back in the year 2000.

Inforest Training has established, and has working relationships with many ITO's and providers, allowing Inforest Training to offer their training throughout New Zealand, and receive subsidised funding from most Polytechnics throughout New Zealand.

Inforest Training delivers practical based training meeting NZQA, AGITO, FITEC, TEC, and OSH requirements in the following areas: Chainsaw, Tree Felling, Tractor Operations, ATV, ATVU, Forest Establishment, Forest Silverculture and Fencing.