All Terrain Vehicle Operation / Quad Bike Training

General course info

The aim of this Quad Bike Training course is to encourage the responsible use of an All Terrain Vehicle, to understand your legal requirements, and to encourage safer ATV practices in both the workplace and for recreational purposes.

ATV’s are one of the biggest killers and causes of “Lost Time Injuries” within agriculture and industry. ATV’s are notoriously prone to roll-overs, with their high centre-of-gravity combined with their sheer weight, makes an ATV very dangerous to an untrained operator. This course covers the hazards, and means to overcome these hazards and safely operate an ATV within it’s Centre-of-Gravity boundaries.

The training covers unit standards:

  • 24554; Ride an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) on Flat Terrain
  • 24557; Demonstrate Knowledge of the Safe Operation of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
  • 24559; Ride an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) on Undulating Terrain

Also available:

  • 24561; Ride an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with Trailed Equipment, and
  • 24563; Ride an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with Mounted Attachments or a Load.

For any queries, or if your needs are more advanced, and you wish to focus more on specific areas, this must be brought up prior to the commencement of the course.


1 to 2 days. Depends on experience and the Unit Standards that are to be covered. There is a pre-learn package that will be sent out to the trainees home address for completion and to be brought along with the trainee to the course. On the day, the course starts with the theory of ATV operation, then moves into the practical phase.